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WAF STUDENT CHARRETTE | 4 – 6 November , 2015 | Marina Bay Sands , Singapore

WAF’s Student Charrette provides the opportunity for groups of architecture students from all over the world to present live to a panel of WAF’s renowned judges. The organizer is calling for outline submissions from students and universities to be considered to come and present at the World Architecture Festival, Singapore in November! Selected teams will be able to send up to eight students and two tutors to the Festival. There will be no delegate charge for teams (though they will have to pay for accommodation and travel).


The title for the charrette is ‘Anticipating the Unexpected’. This relates to this year Festival theme, ‘50:50, Looking Forward, Looking Back’, which tries to understand where architecture was 50 years ago, how it has evolved, and where it might be in 50 years’ time. This theme is prompted by the 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s independence, and the way in which its government has planned for the future. We would like students, many of whom will still be working 50 years from now, to consider the future, and in particular how skillful design can anticipate its challenges.

Teams should therefore identify an urban quarter or conceive a new one, with multiple and/or complex uses. It may be a university campus, medical campus, sport and leisure facilities where other uses are included to intensify activity, residential quarters with associated amenities, suburbs or urban ‘polycentres’ (districts planned around local transport hubs which link to other parts of the city), or an area of historic interest.

Having decided on an urban quarter, teams should consider the building types within them that serve its patterns of use, and help to define its physical character now. They should then either show how these building types will continue to support changing patterns of use in the future, or devise new building types more suited to that role. Building types can, of course, change their function over their life: they may start as homes and mutate into offices or vice versa: they may be conceived as warehouses and become arts venues. Proposals may show how existing building types can facilitate change, or they may propose new ones.

Finally, it is also required to foresee how the overall urban fabric of the quarter might need to change in order to cope with evolving uses and new identities.


1 July 2015: Launch of call for submissions of interest

31 July 2015: Closing date for submissions of interest (see below for details)

Mid August 2015: Selection of teams announced

3 November 2015 : Teams to arrive in Singapore for final briefing at the venue

4 November 2015 : Festival opens and charrette starts

6 November 2015 : Charrette teams present to jury

The winning charrette team announced at the Closing Reception on the 6 November and will be invited to stay for the Gala Dinner!


Initially interested participants are requested to submit an  outline (submissions of interest ) by 31 July  which respond to this brief and explain how it would be explored. Selected entrants will be notified via email to take part in mid August.There is no set number of words, sides of A4 or illustrations allowed: use as few as is necessary to convey your ideas to us.


please submit via email HERE

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