National Parliament Museum | Bangladesh University

National Parliament Museum  ©  Razia Azad | Bangladesh University

Our democracy, our sovereignty is our pride. Bangladesh is a democratic country and we follow representative democracy here. To maintain and practice a  proper democratic system it is necessary for the common people to participate in politics and their opinions should be duly counted.  The evolution of Bangladesh is rather a juxtapose of blurry images […]

Revitalizing Historic Urban Quarter of Borobazar, Khulna | ArchKU

Mohon Das residence , Borobazar, Khulna © Nafiz Rahat

Borobazar, Khulna is standing on the heart of Khulna City, the major economic hub of the region. In the 19th century, it was just a local village market. After establishing railway connection with Kolkata in 1885, this area started to enhance its economic impotency regionally. Due to lack of insightful planning policy & uncontrolled development Borobazar expanded exponentially. […]

Benapole Land Port of Entry | AUST

Benapole  Land Port of Entry © Nibras Noor

Benapole Port, the largest land port of entry in Bangladesh, located on Bangladesh- India border in Jessore. It handles more than 80% of cross border trade with India owing to its proximity to West Bengal. About 90% of the imported Indian goods enter Bangladesh through this port. Average 2000 passengers and 600-700 trucks of goods […]

Vertical Neighbourhood: Design for Social Mix | CUET

Vertical Neighbourhood © Abu Sayeed Mohammed Ziad | CUET

Due to population influx, the trend of high-rise housing in urban areas of Bangladesh is on the rise more than ever. The resurgence of vertical housing development is being observed in the major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong. The high rise, high density residential environments resulting from the ongoing urban consolidation policy have created a sense of social […]

Puthia Temple Complex: Heritage as Cultural Condenser | BUET

Puthia Temple

What makes Heritage buildings so special? Their history, colour, texture or their construction technique? Are we ruining the original beauty of our heritage buildings by conserving it in a very wrong way? Most of the archaeological conservation of our country ends up with an imaginative plastering detail and fake pink coloured walls (Chun Shurki) without […]

Robotically Fabricated Wood Chip Barn | AA School of Architecture

Wood Chip Burn | Photo credit: Valerie Bennett

Five students of AA Design & Make MArch programme designed and built a robotically fabricated Barn in the woodland at Dorset, England. The students used ‘prototyping’ as ‘vehicles’ for design research, developing modes of experimental architectural design that integrated full-scale making. The ambition of the design was to use found natural junctions/forks in trees – […]

ছাঁচ নগরী (Mold Town): Revival of Metal Craft in Dhamrai | BRACU

Mold Town: Revival of Metal Craft in Dhamrai © Doito Bonotulshi | BRACU

Culture is what defines a civilization. It helps shape the way of life, affects our outlook on daily life and most importantly creates a sense of one’s identity. It is almost always determined and developed with the help of a certain group’s surroundings. One of the primary elements that shaped the culture of the Indian […]

Repurposing Idrakpur Fort: Transforming Archaeological Infrastructure into Civic Place

Repurposing Idrakpur Fort:  Transforming Archaeological Infrastructure into Civic Place © Rafi, Shadman Sharar

The story of Idrakpur fort goes back to the era of  mighty Mughal empire. It was emperor Akbar who decided to build a layer of defense around Dhaka city – a shield against the Portuguese and Mogh pirates. Mir Jumla II, the Subhadar of Bengal was given this great responsibility by the emperor himself. Thus […]

An International Hub for Indo-Pacific Corridor : BIMSTEC Center

BIMSTEC Center © Kazi Fahriba Mustafa

| From the submission | The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organization involving seven member countries, from South Asia – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka – and from South East Asia –Thailand and Myanmar. BIMSTEC has a potential to increase the trade among member […]

Care Home for Brothel Children | Bangladesh University

Care Home for Brothel Children © Iftekharul Alam Shazal | BU

  Attuned to the awareness that brothel children have the right to be treated equally without discrimination, the following student project has developed a vision for a facility where children of sex workers of Doulatdia brothel will be brought up with good care and proper education in a healthy and playful environment. Hence the proposed project will create opportunities […]


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