Robotically Fabricated Wood Chip Barn | AA School of Architecture

Wood Chip Burn | Photo credit: Valerie Bennett

Five students of AA Design & Make MArch programme designed and built a robotically fabricated Barn in the woodland at Dorset, England. The students used ‘prototyping’ as ‘vehicles’ for design research, developing modes of experimental architectural design that integrated full-scale making. The ambition of the design was to use found natural junctions/forks in trees – […]

ছাঁচ নগরী (Mold Town): Revival of Metal Craft in Dhamrai | BRACU

Mold Town: Revival of Metal Craft in Dhamrai © Doito Bonotulshi | BRACU

Culture is what defines a civilization. It helps shape the way of life, affects our outlook on daily life and most importantly creates a sense of one’s identity. It is almost always determined and developed with the help of a certain group’s surroundings. One of the primary elements that shaped the culture of the Indian […]

Repurposing Idrakpur Fort: Transforming Archaeological Infrastructure into Civic Place

Repurposing Idrakpur Fort:  Transforming Archaeological Infrastructure into Civic Place © Rafi, Shadman Sharar

The story of Idrakpur fort goes back to the era of  mighty Mughal empire. It was emperor Akbar who decided to build a layer of defense around Dhaka city – a shield against the Portuguese and Mogh pirates. Mir Jumla II, the Subhadar of Bengal was given this great responsibility by the emperor himself. Thus […]

An International Hub for Indo-Pacific Corridor : BIMSTEC Center

BIMSTEC Center © Kazi Fahriba Mustafa

| From the submission | The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organization involving seven member countries, from South Asia – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka – and from South East Asia –Thailand and Myanmar. BIMSTEC has a potential to increase the trade among member […]

Care Home for Brothel Children | Bangladesh University

Care Home for Brothel Children © Iftekharul Alam Shazal | BU

  Attuned to the awareness that brothel children have the right to be treated equally without discrimination, the following student project has developed a vision for a facility where children of sex workers of Doulatdia brothel will be brought up with good care and proper education in a healthy and playful environment. Hence the proposed project will create opportunities […]

Institute for Small and Marginal Farmers | SUB

© Md. Matiur Rahman | Stamford University Bangladesh

The project won silver in Young Asian Design Award (AYDA) 2017. The key aim of the project is to equip our farmers with modern effective skill, create consciousness to the society, reduce unemployment and ensure better community life. Bangladesh is one the most densely populated countries in the world. Agriculture remains the most important sector […]

Khulna International Airport: A Gateway for Growth | BRACU

© Ali Adnan | BRAC University

Airports are catalyst of economic growth.  An Airport serves as the regional and international gateway to the city in which it exists, hence fuel regional economy by facilitating local trades and tourism. The 20th century, like 18th and 19th centuries, was largely hit by massive development in transport technology.  From the canal age we moved […]

THE BIG FISH | AA School of Architecture

The Big Fish | Architectural Association School of Architecture ; photograph by Valerie Bennett

A wooden burrow has been erected by three students from London’s Architectural Association, amongst the trees of Hooke Park, England that nestles amongst the tree-trunks. This wooden shelter was designed and built as part of task on the AA Design & Make MArch 2014-15 course, which took place in that patch of woodland owned by the university in rural Dorset. […]

Zainul Abedin Art Institute | Winning Entry in AYDA 2017

© Nadia Afrin Lagno | Stamford University Bangladesh

The project won Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2017 (Bangladesh chapter). Launched in 2008, the award program currently spanning across 15 countries in Asia with an objective to inspire architecture and interior design students to develop their skills through cross-learning opportunities and networking with industries in the region. The winner will compete internationally for platinum […]

Saint Patrick’s Church Complex at Jaflong | AUST

Saint Patricks Church Complex at Jaflong  © Farhan Al Rafi | AUST

BETTER THE DANCE BETTER THE CROP – a saying of Khasias one of the most ethnic group in Bangladesh. Most of them live in border region, they are fond of hills, mounds, bushes and forest. the villages are the cluster of houses within the cultural boundary of their own community . According to census of […]


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