Saint Patrick’s Church Complex at Jaflong | AUST

Saint Patricks Church Complex at Jaflong  © Farhan Al Rafi | AUST

BETTER THE DANCE BETTER THE CROP – a saying of Khasias one of the most ethnic group in Bangladesh. Most of them live in border region, they are fond of hills, mounds, bushes and forest. the villages are the cluster of houses within the cultural boundary of their own community . According to census of […]

Vertical Village Habitat | Pratt Institute

Vertical Village Habitat  © Amer Abdal Habib

The ‘Vertical Village Habitat’ is a conceptual supposition addressing the issues of urban density and informality. Conceived as a high-rise microcosm of the city, the mega-structure continuously evolves incrementally to accommodate, shelter and sustain. Verticality was the outcome after considering the notions of the informal legitimacy, and the tension of their footing, not only on […]

School of Visual Arts Tower | Miami University

School of Visual Arts Tower  © Mukimul Islam Khan | Miami University

This is the 2nd prize winning entry of AIA OHIO STUDENT DESIGN AWARD 2017 | From the submission | The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is a private New York City based ‘for-profit’ art & design school. The school’s curriculum for higher education serves ‘art & design’ oriented students who attend undergraduate & graduate level classes. […]

Education beyond Limitation | AIUB

© Ahmed Sadman Zaki | AIUB

As we strives for more institutions  for higher education inside the city— the vertical campus is the eventual outcome. Institutions have been forced to build taller building often compromising the spaces for social and intellectual exchanges vital to university education. The growth of small and medium scale private universities in Bangladesh  and their concentration in […]

Breathing Hydrological Infrastructure | CUET

Breathing Hydrological Infrastructure © Amit Imtiaz | CUET

This project was nominated for Archiprix(2017) International  Hunter Douglas Award. This is the first nomination ever for Bangladesh. The project’s model was selected for re-making as a part of CEPT’s Summer Winter school’s model making course “RETHINKING MODELS” and was later exhibited. Earlier, the project made the long list of 50 Best Projects of Tamayouz […]

Urban Remediation: Turning Landfill Site into Public Park | AIUB

landfill to urban park Matuail

It’s an irony that the more we are being developed, the more we are losing our resources. Humans have achieved the tag of ‘planet wrecker’ for their selfish act of ignoring his environment by throwing off rubbish which ends up in landfill site. Our response to the query whether ‘rubbish’ is a refuge or resource […]

Soakable Society : Ensuring Resilience through Urban Solutions | BUET

Designing Resilience Semarang Indonesia

| From the submission |  From the dawn of its emergence, Semarang, Indonesia has been continuously challenged by various natural disasters throughout the decades. The intensities and modes of calamities have changed with time, but the stress remains the same. However, the inhabitants of this area have still now managed to survive despite having provided […]

Through the Silts: Poem, Prayer and Promises for Chuknagar | UAP

Through the Silts © Nishat Tasnim Oyshee | UAP

| From the submission | It’s a poem of an old river which used to carry sediment to a fertile land. Once it carried thousands of lives and it was about to transfer them to a safer place and it failed to do so as it had to float their bodies and blood. It’s a […]

Healing the Hills with Handlooms | AIUB

Loom workshops and Crafts market at Manikchori, Rangamati © Saptarshi Singha | AIUB

Bangladesh is a land full of resources yet the economic security of its considerable portion of population is at stake today. Especially the economy of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), the home of several ethnic communities (EC), is weaker than the rest of the country. Statistics shows, the average household income of Chittagong Hill Tracts is […]

Campus Design for SMUCT |Bangladesh University

Campus Design For SMUCT

|Text from the student| “art, freedom & creativity will change society faster than politics ” – Victor Pinchuk (philanthropist, art critic, art collector) If we see today’s world, where politics is contaminated, so now it’s time to rejuvenate our society by CREATIVITY… now the question arise: “what is CREATIVITY ??? !!!” Here, “Creativity is the […]


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