Chennai Chooses: Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) 2019 | BUET

Chennai Chooses 11

The proposal “Chennai Chooses” was one of the three special mentions by the jurors in the design competition Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) 2019 and was appreciated for the social innovation. The annual DRIA international design competition encourages foresighted urban and architectural design proposals, as well as promotes innovation in building technologies to ensure a […]

Product Design: Essential Tools for Life | CUET

© Dept. of Architecture, CUET

Everyday we use numerous products. We get to see diverse products while visiting a shop, but only pick those we need, fit our requirements, meet the ergonomics of our body and match the expected price. The featured works by the Architecture students of CUET demonstrate the creative process of product design involving brainstorming of ideas, […]

Coexistence: Community-based Tourism in Hakaluki Haor

Community-based Tourism in Hakaluki Haor © Sampad Khalifa

Hakaluki Haor, a wetland of Bangladesh, is a shallow depression of bowl shape. In monsoon, the haor becomes vast stretches of turbulent water that turns into a vast inland sea within which the villages seem as islands. Again they all but dry up in the post-monsoon period. During winter, these haors are vast stretches of […]

Destigmatizing Daulatdia: Transforming Brothel, Restoring Lives

© Shamima Sultana Setu | AIUB

Sex workers are an extremely marginalized group of people and often denied access to basic health or housing services. Daulatdia, a village of 1,600 sex workers  who serve 3,000 men every day on an average, is one of the largest brothel in Bangladesh. Opened around 1988, it is currently one of the 20 officially sanctioned […]

Rise in the City: Affordable Housing Competition | Winning Entry

Interaction space at backyard © Tanmoy Dey , Louise Bani Sarcar , Syed Md. Golam Rabbani
The proposal “Creating Spaces rather than Designing” has won the 1st place in the international architecture competition for affordable housing in Lesotho, Africa titled “Rise in the City”. The winning project was selected from 150 applications, 78 preliminary designs and 56 final designs entrants from 39 countries. This is a unique international architecture competition organized by Rise International and BOND Events for recent graduates and students worldwide. The contest was to design affordable and sustainable housing solutions to curb Lesotho’s housing problem in an environment challenged by: increased urban migration, climate change and scarcity of resources.

Architecture Infrastructure Assemblage : An Approach to Rethinking the Tannery Industry

Architecture Infrastructure Assemblage © Pankaj Nath Joy

[ From the student ] The present is a time, where no fixed guideline remains as to from what point of view a project should be understood or observed. Whether it be an engineer or an architect, we are to find that grey area in between, which maximizes the output of the objectives to be […]

A Center for Coral Reef Conservation Research and Recreation | CUET

A Center for Coral Reef Conservation Research and Recreation © Mehjuba Hisan | CUET

The aim of this project is to build a platform which would provide all the facilities required for the people interested in the field of research on nature. By this project, people may aware & may know about coral asset in our country. The proposed “coral conservation research and recreational center” is proposed to be […]

Qibla. Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center for Arezzo

© Nayem Mohammad | University of Florence

The thesis concerns the design of a mosque and an Islamic cultural center in Arezzo, Italy, mainly intended for the Bengali Muslim community. It represents a proposal for reorganization and enhancement of the area, restoration of the profile of the walls of Arezzo, symbolic inclusion of a foreign community within the oldest part of the […]

শ্রীহট্ট নন্দন: Redevelopment of Sylhet Old Central Jail

Redevelopment of Sylhet Old Central Jail Area, Sylhet, Bangladesh © Md Nur Alam Siddiki

The old Central Jail in Sylhet is more than 200 years old, and was the first jail in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1889, it has great significance due to its core geographical location with heritage value and as an urban space. After the relocation of central jail, the vacant land left behind, has created […]

Retracing the Footprints of GAUR Empire | AIUB

Proposed Gaur Museum © Asif Zaman | AIUB

Gauḍa or Gaur, also known as Lakhnauti, is a ruined city that served as the capital of Bengal between the 12th and 16th centuries. This project aims to the reformation of this archeological site into a gateway of tourism for the two countries recalling the ancient memories of Gaur emblem in Indian subcontinent.   This former […]


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