Archaeological Museum and Research Centre, Mainamati, Comilla.

Globally, there are about 195 countries and 270 nationalities. Each nationality has their own characteristics and ways to lead their lives. These unique characteristics depend on those nation’s heritage, culture, social life, literature, anthropology, art, architecture and many other socio-cultural aspects. Now, how have we come to know about these unique characteristics and ways of […]

A Transportation Hub: Rethinking Kamalapur Railway Station

The Kamalapur Railway Station, designed by Robert Boughey in the 1960s, is the largest and most significant railway station for transit between Dhaka and the rest of Bangladesh. The railway station is currently serving a large portion of the country’s commuting population and functioning adequately to a large extent. Due to the rapid growth in […]

The Planetary Household: Biocontrol, Microclimates and the Hacking of Domestic Machines

Notes from the submission:  After returning from the moon Apollo-11 astronauts were quarantined for 21 days after setting foot to the moon. This contingency plan was placed due to the question raised What if the astronauts returning home bring some foreign germs or in another term -Moon plague”. The current pandemic situation brought us back […]

Designing Mirpur-10 Metro Station Area as TOD Hub

MRT is a massive intervention in the traffic infrastructure of the dense, urban context of Dhaka. This project explores the possible changes in urban fabric if an MRT station is introduced and the potential opportunities it might bring about. The objective is to find a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) solution by integrating multi-layer transportation and uninterrupted […]

Robotics and AI Innovation Lab | RUET

The proposed Robotics and AI Innovation Lab in Purbachal is an ultra-modern techno institute designed to facilitate cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics researches and to inspire the young minds dedicated to the ICT-based industry of our country. The core of the conceptual idea came from the hypothetical future situation of the possible conflict between […]

Urban Agroscape: Regenerating Buriganga Riverfront, Keranigonj

In recent years, we have been observing a growing environmental, ecological and landscape awareness among the architect community of Bangladesh especially relating to our urban living conditions. This project can be an appropriate example of such a landscape systems-informed architectural endeavour. The major aim of the project, as evident from the phase of analysis to […]

Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex | AUST

Architectural representation of a person’s philosophy, leadership, journey, and life is a challenging endeavor that often gets lost in the complex aspects of functionality, aesthetics, and zoning. Bongotaj Memorial and Museum Complex at Kapasia, Gazipur by Md. Shahadat Hossain attempts to negotiate with those challenges in its efforts to portray the inspirational life and journey […]

In Search of Roots: Folklore Museum and Research Centre, Rajshahi

Folklore is the reflection of ordinary life of the commoners. The sublime simplicity of folklore offers uncommon philosophy of life to others. Rajshahi, for instance, an ancient and culturally enriched region of Bengal, is affluent with folk tradition. The establishment of a centre to collect, research, preserve and exhibit local folklore in Rajshahi is on […]

Affordable Housing for Vasantek Slum Dwellers | AIUB

This project has tackled one of the key housing challenges in Bangladesh and globally as well. More than 4 million people live in informal settlements in Dhaka and many are in need of upgrading into better conditions. Studio projects such as this one is vital to ensure that architects are able to engage with the […]

Hybrid Atmosphere | Transforming an Abandoned Subway through Architectural and Digital Media

This project takes on the ongoing argument about separation with physical surroundings in the era of visual-centric digital media. To create an engaging/rich experiential architectural atmosphere today, a balance between digital and physical architectural components is mandatory. This project embraces the novel technology offered in digital media and architecture to bolster the place’s timeless natural […]


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