Hands-on Design-Build Experience: Golden Jubilee Installation in CUET

© Shuvra Das, Lecturer, Department of Architecture, CUET

| Notes from the studio tutors | To mark the 50th anniversary of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), third-year students of Architecture was assigned with the task of designing and building the installations under the supervision of the faculty members Shuvra Das, Biplob Kanti Biswas and  Rahanat Ara Jafar as a part of […]

Re-envisioning Tejgaon Industrial Area: A Public Realm for the Future| NSU

© Department of Architecture, North South University

The Tejgaon Industrial Area was first established as an ‘industrial District’ in the Masterplan for Dacca drawn up in 1959 by the Dhaka Improvement Trust.  In 1968 DIT planned the district as a Light Industrial Area and divided it into large plots appropriate for industrial development. Of course, over time land division and acquisition have […]

Abode of Enlightenment: University of Pandit Vihara | BUET

University of Pandit Vihara, Chattogram © Atiya Nusrat Urmi

Thousand years ago, on the era of Buddhism in Bangladesh, Pandit Vihara (Pandit Pagoda) was built at Anwara Upazila in Chittagong. It was one of the most important Pagodas among the four (Takshashila University, Nalanda University, Sompur Vihara) in historical India which is lost over time. Pandit Vihara was basically the hub of knowledge and […]

A Spiritual Journey through the Mythological Route of Chandranath Hill, Chattagram | AIUB

© Shovo Shaha Dip | AIUB

CHANDRANATH HILL in Sitakunda, Chattagram is considered to be one of the most visited sacred and pilgrimage sites in Bangladesh. Every year, several hundred thousand Hindu devotees of the country climb this famous hill. According to the Hindu mythology, the sage created a pond or Kunda for the goddess Sita during her exile period. Besides the […]

Take Measure | Design | Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station-NSU

Take Measure, Design, Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station

Project: Take Measure | Design | Covid-19 Mobile Testing Station [Note from Architect Tasnuva Sarwat | Faculty, Department of architecture, North South University] The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and its effects and consequences are being felt by every citizen in every country, most acutely in resource-scarce regions like Bangladesh. […]

Baad Ijtema | NSU

© Akash Kumar Das

Within the bustle of the overpopulated metropolis, Dhaka prominently lacks adequate space which generates and celebrates public activity. Uttara and adjacent Tongi areas form an important urban center of North Dhaka. The area is connected with the rest of the country by the vast and complex river system of the delta via Turag River. Ijtema […]

Reviving A Sleeping River | Hochschule Anhalt, Germany

© Nakib Sadat Chowdhury

There are many cases when the city development neglects the full potentialities of the river and the city uses it as a backyard; specially rivers with the smaller widths. This thesis aims to find a micro-scale design solution to bring back the river from the “backyard” to “frontyard” by using River Emscher as a framework. […]

অনুরণন: Revival of Anderkilla Shahi Jame Mosque

Revival of Anderkilla Shahi Jame Mosque © Ramisa Yeameen Chowdhury Eva | BRACU

The Ander Killa (meaning “the inner fort”) Shahi Jame Mosque is a 362 years old mosque of Mughal era standing at 32 feet high from the ground on a hilltop. Over time many alterations took place in the mosque. The visibility of the Mughal mosque has been cloaked completely due to the extension of the […]

The Prize of Water: Designing Resilience in Asia 2018 | BUET

© Ahnaf Akif Siddique, Khairun Fahmi, Fahim Faisal Khan, Najmush Shaker | DoA, BUET
The entry ‘The Prize of Water’ was one of the finalists in the design competition ‘Designing Resilience in Asia (DRIA) 2018’. The proposal was appreciated for the inter-scalar and interdependent innovations. Since 2015, the DRIA has been organizing an International Symposium and Design Competition in Singapore annually. In the year of 2018, the competition took the theme of ‘Drowning by the Sea: Re-Envisioning the Future of the Chao Phraya Riverfront’. The proposal was presented before an international jury board including- Richard Hassell (WOHA), Dr. Josef Leitmann (World Bank), Anne Leos Nillesen (DEFACTO), Yossapon Boonsom (SHMA).

Rice Research Institute, Sirajganj: A Catalyst for Sustained Food Production

Rice Research Institute, Sirajganj © Sananda Sutradhar | BRACU

Self-sufficiency in rice production has paramount impact on achieving food security. Over the past four decades, Bangladesh succeeded outpacing the population growth rate with its growth in rice output. The country celebrates considerable improvement in food security steered by the applied research led by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI). However, the situation is not same across […]


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