Reimagined Jamuna Future Park as a Civic Space | BRACU

Architectural movements, limited by the omnipresent driving forces of free market economics have barely prioritised communal spaces in Dhaka. This design thesis explores the deteriorating fabric of civic textures in Dhaka’s cityscape and creates a hypothesis which proposes an adaptive solution within a critical node in her map. It tries to rethink an existing shopping […]

The New “Old”: Urban Renewal of Historic Chawkbazar

Chawkbazar, a historic treasure at the heart of Dhaka city, has evolved from a Mughal fort’s open marketplace to a bustling wholesale hub since its inception in 1602. This design project explores the rich history and complex challenges facing Chawkbazar. It presents the visionary Chawkbazar redevelopment project, aimed at preserving its heritage while paving the […]

Retrospecting Genocide at Zinzira Bazar | BRACU

Three million people were ruthlessly killed in Bangladesh in 1971, however, the genocide is still unrecognized globally. The Pakistani militants and their collaborators systematically spirited people away, killed, dumped bodies in either the killing site or separate mass graves. These killing sites, mass graves, and torture cells are scattered across the country. Unfortunately, there was […]

Re-Thinking the Ashrayan Project-2

The Ashrayan Project 2 is a government-led initiative in Bangladesh to provide housing for disadvantaged families. While the government’s provision of two bedrooms, one kitchen, and one washroom for each family was a promising start, the families are struggling to live properly because the designs offered do not fit their lifestyle. The proposed design concept […]

The Padma River-Life Museum: Repurposing the Bridge Fabrication Shed

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a feat of engineering and a symbol of Bangladeshi national pride. Spanning across the mighty Padma River, it fulfills a long-held aspiration to improve connectivity and economic development. It bridges the geographical divide between the eastern and western regions of Bangladesh, providing a vital link for transportation and trade. The […]

A Celebration of Space Between Multitude & Metropolis

The fundamental purpose of this project was to create architecture that interacts with people, reminds them of their heritage and roots and adds value to the lives of citizens. Instead of designing a timeless architecture, this project was conceived as an architecture of the moment. Because it’s not just about the design and other technical […]

Placemaking through Historic Urban Landscape Approach

This design thesis seeks to investigate the potential for rejuvenating the identity of a German city, Chemnitz, through open-space design. Following the recommendations of the historic urban landscape (HUL) approach by UNESCO, the relationship between urban design and urban placemaking is explored. The thesis argues that preserving the traits and values associated with an urban […]

Transforming a Government Colony into a Block-based Housing

The compound effects of plot-based development and low per-capita open spaces in Dhaka have led to an individualist society with reduced outdoor activities for its citizens. To counter this, the concept of block-based development, in which 50% of its open space is dedicated as community open space, has been introduced in the proposed Detailed Area […]

From Spiritual to Touristic Experience: Rethinking Religious Tourism in Langalbandh

This studio project envisions the historic holy site of Langalbandh, a well-known pilgrimage destination in Bangladesh for Sanatan (Hindu) believers. Every year, approximately 1-1.5 million Hindu devotees visit this place from all across Bangladesh, as well as India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, to take a sacred bath in the Old Brahmaputra River and participate in […]

From Extraction to Exploration: Transforming the Stone Quarry into a Visitor Center

The project rethinks the abandoned stone-mine field of Bholagonj Ropeway area which lies on the foothill of Meghalayan-hills. The area now consists of 3 land chunks: 1. White Stone Zero Point (no intervention border area), 2. An Abandoned Ropeway Station Island (Site B) and 3. An Abandoned Quarry Brownfield with Ghat 10 (Site A).  The […]



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