Resuscitating Dhaka -Winning Entry in CAA-RIBA Students Competition

© Bin Sayeed Bakhti and Manal Anis | BUET
Resuscitating Dhaka – a vision for future Dhaka, envisaged by Bin Sayeed Bakhti and Manal Anis of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ( BUET) won the third prize( joint ) in CAA students competition entitled “Visualising the Future of the City-what will your city look like in 2065?”. The competition was hosted by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as part of the CAA 50th Anniversary and International Summit, 2015.

SPECTRAL PROCESS: A Graduate Project by Shuva Chowdhury

© Shuva Chowdhury

|From Shuva Chowdhury| The meteorological architecture processes through a chemical dissociation of the space in elementary particles, wavelengths, humidity rate, light intensity, heat transfer coefficient for example, but also hormonal knowledge perceptions. We are interested now in forms which are no more composed together to create a “whole as gestalt.” We are interested in forms […]

Headquarters for Roads and Highways Department: A Thesis Project

© Farzana Islam

Roads and Highways Department under the Ministry of Communication is responsible for construction and maintenance of all major road networks in Bangladesh. Their mission is to provide safe, cost effective and well maintained road network through the country. Due to availability of fund and vast expansion plan the department has taken necessary steps to establish […]

Museum of Political Dreams

© Sharna Chowdhury

Museum of political dreams is an open platform which renews the perception and understanding of political history, societal system and cultural studies. It is a negotiating platform where people of diverse characteristics, different social levels can gather, share, argue and discuss on various topics to make themselves more responsive to their political and living environment. […]

Scrap Metal Harmony | AIUB

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The project won the 2nd prize at National level category in an International competition on the “Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing”, initiated by UN-Habitat as a part of their Global Housing Strategy’s campaign. A team of faculties and students of architecture department, AIUB participated in the competition held from September 2013 to January 2014.


Shelter; Image courtesy : Shajjad Hossain

People need shelters to shield them from extremes of cold and heat, as well as from rain, snow, and wind. A shelter, man made or natural, is a place that covers, protects, and provides safety. Shelter/Housing is an element of civilization. Early hunter-gatherers who moved seasonally or followed herds relied on caves or rock shelters […]

Compressing and Cantilever Structure_Studio VI, AIUB

© Context

Structural development of tall buildings has been a continuously evolving process. Structural system for tall buildings have undergone dramatic changes since the decreasing practice of the conventional rigid frames in the 1960s; such changes in the structural form and organization of tall buildings were necessitated by the emerging architectural trends in design in conjunction with […]


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