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The project won the 2nd prize at National level category in an International competition on the “Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing”, initiated by UN-Habitat as a part of their Global Housing Strategy’s campaign. A team of faculties and students of architecture department, AIUB participated in the competition held from September 2013 to January 2014.


Shelter; Image courtesy : Shajjad Hossain

People need shelters to shield them from extremes of cold and heat, as well as from rain, snow, and wind. A shelter, man made or natural, is a place that covers, protects, and provides safety. Shelter/Housing is an element of civilization. Early hunter-gatherers who moved seasonally or followed herds relied on caves or rock shelters […]

Compressing and Cantilever Structure_Studio VI, AIUB

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Structural development of tall buildings has been a continuously evolving process. Structural system for tall buildings have undergone dramatic changes since the decreasing practice of the conventional rigid frames in the 1960s; such changes in the structural form and organization of tall buildings were necessitated by the emerging architectural trends in design in conjunction with […]


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