River Halda Awakening -A Research, Training and Awareness Centre| BRACU

Interactive courtyard of River Halda  Research, Training and Awareness Centre | © Farasha Zaman

River Halda, originates from the hill-tract district of Khagrachari, Chittagong. It flows along the south west part of our country and confluences into the River Karnaphuli. Known as a fish-mine of Bangladesh, River Halda is very closely linked in the genesis of Rohu, Catla Catla, Mrigal and Kalibaush. One focal physical feature, the ox bow […]

Banjarbaru _ Framing the Adhesive Green Armature: A Graduate Project

Framing the Adhesive Green Armature. © Tarek, Elena, Danny, Sheeba
From February 15-26, 2015, 20 KULeuven MaHS-MaUSP students and 4 staffs went on a fieldtrip to Banjarmasin, Indonesia. The invitation was by UN-Habitat, implementing the initiative “Making Urban Investment Planning Work” in partnership with the Directorate General of Human Settlements (DGHS) of the Ministry of Public Works.The final works, produced by students were presented in the “World Urbanism Seminar 2015” organized by KU Leuven. This is one of the five projects, which investigates Banjarbaru's existing characteristics (of Landscape and urban tissue) and proposes strategies to guide the future urban development of Banjarbaru.

Centre for Blind Children | NSU

Centre for Blind Children (Concept accumulation in section) |© Md. Sharfuddin Siddique

The number of visually impaired person in our country is increasing at an alarming rate. It is estimated that nearly 4% of all children in Bangladesh develop corneal damage before reaching 6 years. At least 50% of the children with vision impairment die within one year of becoming blind. The total number of blind person in […]

Vertical School : Reimagining Learning Space | BUET

Vertical School © Mukimul Islam Khan | BUET

  Learning environment is the fundamental right and an inevitable element for the child’s overall development and has direct impact on psychological, physical and social well being. Due to land scarcity and unplanned urban growth both government and private sectors are unable to provide sufficient area of land for school and college. So passive learning […]

Architecture Otherwhere [Durban, Warwick Junction] | AUST

"Think about a meeting space before thinking about a city" Conceptual accommodation where all the vendors are living in a community which has a platform to share their beliefs and happiness.

`Warwick Junction’, a unique location within central Durban, is the site for the international competition open to architecture students worldwide, launched as part of the next UIA congress in South Africa (3-7 August 2014). This transport node is a place for exchange and informal commerce with unique qualities at an unprecedented scale. Based on the […]

INSIGHT : A Retreat for Synaptic Symbiosis and Self-autonomy | BRACU

© Amlin Iqbal Eshita, BRACU

INSIGHT, is a multidisciplinary platform that will provide an experiential edutainment center which will act as a place of learning about one’s own self and will deal with functions related to human brain and how it works. The idea of the project is to create a nature of acceptance that anyone suffer from even slightest […]

Peace Memorial | AUST

Peace Memorial Complex at Chengy valley , Khagrachari | © Salma Hossain

From the time immemorial the Chittagong Hill Tracts has been the home of  indigenous ethnic groups. They collectively identify themselves as the Jumma people, the first peoples of the CHT.  The Jumma people are distinct and different from the majority Bengali population of Bangladesh in respect of Race, Language, Culture, Religion and Ethnicity. The demand […]

The Adaptive Re-Use of Painam Nagar | BRACU

© Badruzzahan Ahmed

Painam Nagar ( Panam Nagar) is a set of forty-nine abandoned street-front houses once owned by rich Hindu merchant families. It is situated in Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bengal during the Sultanate Period, at present day 17 miles east of Dhaka. Painam Nagar flourished in the late 19th and early 20th Century as it […]

Dialogue Between Land and River _Cultural dais for Nomads of water (Bede community) | BUET

© Md.Nazmul Hoque Nayeem
Cultural dais for Nomads of water (Bede community) is an open platform which confirms the leadership, livelihood skill development training, and preservation of their heritage as well as providing schooling facilities for children of Bede community who are deprived of basic human need.

The Atghar-kuriana Floating Market | AIUB

© Imran Hasan

The southern region of Bangladesh is beautifully adorned with numerous rivers, canals and boats. Pirojpur and Jhalokathi these two districts from the southern part are also blessed with the mercy of endless water-site. Due to the low land topography of these areas, cultivation of guava is very common and popular phenomenon there. Atghar-kuriana from Swarupkathi […]


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