METAMORPHOSIS through ART | Entry from SUST at ARCASIA 2015

Ancient capital Panam-Nagar need security and reform © Asif Emran Khan | SUST

Competition background: ARCASIA 2015 hosted a competition among its member countries inviting students to rethink about historical sites so that they can have active role in societies instead of being only a function less empty shell or a tourist attraction. The theme was METAMORPHOSIS -implying that the design should make the chosen historical site to […]

Rethinking Nilkhet Book Market | KUAD

©Mohammad Moshfiqur Rahman | KUAD

|Write up from the project submission | ‘Rethinking  Nilkhet Book Market: A Conservation Led Sustainable Re-Generation’ was a hypothetical proposal for the final year thesis project of Khulna University Architecture Discipline .The aim of this project was to rethink the existing proposal and suggest alternative solutions considering the present condition and the future impact on […]


© Batch 12 _ BUET

| Write up from the project submission | In architecture, the study and application of various materials are very important not only for functional requirements but also for visual ambience. The use of materials in architecture is many times predefined. Different materials are unique in terms of their properties and therefore, they differ with one […]

Rethinking the Cityscape, Mohakhali | AIUB

feature image_mohakhali

| Write up from the project submission | Mohakhali, being located at the heart of North Dhaka,  plays a vital role to the city dwellers by occupying the lands as commercial facilities. Every day people are using  it to avail various services including retails, office, restaurant, business, hotels etc. As it is situated at strategic location […]

Chandigarh Unbuilt | Entries from AIUB

feature_chandigahr unbuilt

Competition Background:  The international idea competition ‘CHANDIGARH UNBUILT: Completing the Capitol’ hosted by archasm, India in 1st August 2015, this was an open International Competition to generate progressive design ideas from students , architects, engineers, designers, artists and philosophers all over the world. The competition was organized for education purpose only. As designed by Le […]

KYM Field School | International Competition Entry from KUAD

© Muhaiminul Islam Rahi and Team

Competition Background : KimseYok Mu (KYM) Solidarity and Aid Association was established as a NGO on 18 January 2002.KYM has started the TEAVUN (Charity) project to support the development of Africa, where it carries out several humanitarian aid activities. Under the TEAVUN Project; it will support sustainable development in Africa with KYM Field Schools, KYM […]

Fashion Technology Park | BRACU

Fashion Technology Park © Farzana Shahrin, BRACU

The Project has been envisaged in view of the current state of fashion and related industries in Bangladesh and the integrated development would provide commercial, industrial and residential spaces. And to integrate and synergies Fashion Business with economic growth of the nation and help it to convert its dream of becoming the largest economic powerhouse […]

Wildlife Conservation and Mangrove Interpretation Center, Sundarban | AUST

© Farjana Rahman | AUST

Representing the 2.5 percent of the world’s mangrove forests, the Sundarban is the largest Contiguous block of mangrove forest in the world covering some 900 thousand hectors. The Sundarban reserve forest (SRF) of Bangladesh represents the majority of this area (62%). The combined SRF project area is 6,017 sq. km. Visitors and conservation centers are […]

Center for Traditional Sports, Cox’s Bazar | AIUB

Traditional Sports Complex © Adhiti, Paromita | AIUB

|Write up from the project submission| Bangladesh inherits the pride of its culture and tradition which is reflected widely in its sports as well. Sport is one of the key factors of Bangladesh that speaks about heritage and culture. As such the government patronizes our National Sports Council for promotion and preservation of it. Here […]

River Halda Awakening -A Research, Training and Awareness Centre| BRACU

Interactive courtyard of River Halda  Research, Training and Awareness Centre | © Farasha Zaman

River Halda, originates from the hill-tract district of Khagrachari, Chittagong. It flows along the south west part of our country and confluences into the River Karnaphuli. Known as a fish-mine of Bangladesh, River Halda is very closely linked in the genesis of Rohu, Catla Catla, Mrigal and Kalibaush. One focal physical feature, the ox bow […]


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