Design. Act Now | Makeshift Isolation Unit and Treatment Facility

The COVID-19 crisis that is intimidating the globe today has overwhelmed human society including architects. The crisis has nakedly exposed the dilemma around the architecture profession; some see the profession that needs support for recovery, while others perceive this creative practice as a means to support recovery. Further, some perceive it as our compulsory, not complementary,

Modern Masterpieces in Models | Episode 2

In our attempt to document modern marvels of architecture via scaled models, the following article is the 2nd sequel of the series titled Modern Masterpieces in Models. We’ve accumulated selected models of globally renowned architectural projects handcrafted by the students of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University (HSTU) and American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

Modern Masterpieces in Models | Episode 1

The following post showcases the models of the classic examples of Modern Architecture hand crafted by the students of HSTU and AIUB. This model making exercise provided the students with a deeper understanding of the project through the transposition of drawings into the three dimensional form.


  • Dusai Resort & Spa - Sylhet  |  VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd. Visited: 38,401
  • JUM CULTURAL COMPLEX, Rangamati | BUET Visited: 28,383
  • Centre for Blind Children | NSU Visited: 15,765
  • A Country House: A Holiday Destination for an Extended Family | FORM.3 architects Visited: 14,867