(LAND+TASK)SCAPE: Winning Entry in ‘Creating an Urban Oasis’ Student Idea Competition

Democratic-platform | © Sadia Humayra Mounata  and her team
The competition “Creating an Urban Oasis” aimed to engage students from different disciplines related to architecture, planning and engineering from universities to submit visionary design proposal appropriate for 415 acre site of Tejgaon Old Airport .It was expected to find new horizons of ideas on how public places could be regenerated within the congested city fabric of Dhaka. The proposals needed to focus on socio-cultural, economic, environmental values, harmonization with surrounding areas. The following project (LAND+TASK)SCAPE envisaged by a group of students from BUET won the First place in the competition.

Answer Lies Within | Competition Entry From Bangladesh at ‘COMBODIA 2015’

Combodia 2015_Research Lab. Image Courtesy_Pankaj Nath
The Competition arranged by ELEVEN MEGAZINE was concerning Cambodia´s Tonle Sap Lake: a unique UNESCO wildlife biosphere home to over 1.2 million people living in floating villages. Today the area is under severe threat from growing pollution and disease epidemics. The inhabitant people are unaware of their acts and responsibilities, and the lack of their consciousness is gradually leading their home extinction in a very tragic way. It was an open international competition for students, architects, thinkers and designers from any field, aiming to offer a feasible solution to help the ecosystem of Tonle Sap lake survive and flourish.

Architecture Otherwhere [Durban, Warwick Junction] | AUST

"Think about a meeting space before thinking about a city" Conceptual accommodation where all the vendors are living in a community which has a platform to share their beliefs and happiness.

`Warwick Junction’, a unique location within central Durban, is the site for the international competition open to architecture students worldwide, launched as part of the next UIA congress in South Africa (3-7 August 2014). This transport node is a place for exchange and informal commerce with unique qualities at an unprecedented scale. Based on the […]

Dhaka Bishwa Biddalaya Shadhinota Sriti Shoudha

© Fahim Alam ,Rafiqul Islam Tushar ,Al Muttasim
In the year 2013, the University of Dhaka jointly with Department of Architecture, BUET announced a student design competition asking proposal for the “Dhaka Bishwa Biddalaya Shadhinota Sriti Shoudha” at the Mall area where stone was placed to construct “Kendrio Shahid Minar” by EX. VC Professor Dr. Muzaffar Ahamed Chaudhury in 1972. The aim was to uphold the deeds of University of Dhaka at the period of great Liberation War for future generation. The following project by the student of architecture, BUET won the first place in the competition.

Resuscitating Dhaka -Winning Entry in CAA-RIBA Students Competition

© Bin Sayeed Bakhti and Manal Anis | BUET
Resuscitating Dhaka – a vision for future Dhaka, envisaged by Bin Sayeed Bakhti and Manal Anis of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology ( BUET) won the third prize( joint ) in CAA students competition entitled “Visualising the Future of the City-what will your city look like in 2065?”. The competition was hosted by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as part of the CAA 50th Anniversary and International Summit, 2015.

Scrap Metal Harmony | AIUB

feature image
The project won the 2nd prize at National level category in an International competition on the “Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing”, initiated by UN-Habitat as a part of their Global Housing Strategy’s campaign. A team of faculties and students of architecture department, AIUB participated in the competition held from September 2013 to January 2014.

Kai Tak 2.0: Winning Project by Masudul Islam and his Team

© Architect Masudul Islam and his Team
Architect Masudul Islam and his team are selected winners of International Ideas Competition on Urban Planning and Design -“Kai Tak Fantasy” initiated by Kowloon East Office of Development Bureau-Hong Kong.