Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA

Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA
Peda Ting Ting aims to transpose an idea of alteration on the onset of growing “restaurant culture” of our generation where space and surrounding dominantly articulate how we engage ourselves with the urban recreational space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sculpture House by Cubeinside

CUBEINSIDE Design Limited, founded by a group of young likeminded architects, has already earned a distinct reputation for their signatory works in the field of architecture and interior design. CUBEINSIDE has won several awards including 1st place in national design competition of “Head quarter of Anjuman Mufidul Islam” organized by Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) in 2013. The following project is a vacation house at Gazipur, conceived to celebrate the tranquillity of Nature, an example that shows the creative aptitude of the design team.

Giant Textile Ltd: An Industrial Building by BINYASH

BINYASH was established in 2004 by founders and principal architects, Rahat Niaz and Faisal Billah. This is a Dhaka based group of architects, designers, engineers and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, engineering and research. This particular project is a factory complex located in Gajipur, reflects sensitive design strategies and technical considerations.

Guest House of Runner Automobiles by Skeleton Architects

The architectural firm ‘Skeleton Architects’ has created a tilted cube for the guest house of Runner Group at Mymensingh. The platonic volume of the house contains 830 sqm habitable spaces over two floors. The cubical structure is set diagonally on its side and thus creating an interesting dialogue with the serene surroundings.

Visitor Center at Lawachara | Competition Entry

In 2006, Nishorgo, a Protected Forest Area Management Program of Forest Dept, arranged a National Architectural Design Competition for Visitor's Interpretation Centre at Lawachara, Sylhet. The competition was organized in association with IAB. The following project is one of the competition entries by Architect Mohammed Emran Hossain, Shahidullah Faruque, Mania Tahsina Taher.

Refreshing Green Experience

The project intends to celebrate the cultural heritage of Dhaka-Bangladesh, along with its greenery in midst of a hardcore urban context of Banani-Dhaka. It offers a place of refreshment with a lounge café ATTIN and a designer’s boutique showroom MUMU MARIA.

Emergency School Shelter at Puthia, Rajshahi

This transient school structure for S. R. Girls’ High School(Puthia, Rajshahi) was built (June, 2014)to provide much needed shelter for about 150 students of three different classes since the school didn’t have adequate structure to accommodate students. Students had no option but to endure all the climatic harshness. Not to mention class activities had to undergo uncertain halts during rain […]

Animal Quarantine Shed

The Animal Quarantine Shed is designed by Architect Ashraful Azad for Dhaka Central Zoo. The project won the commendation award in 6th Berger Award for Excellence in Architecture 2013.


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