Liberation War Monument at Mohishkhola by Ar Rajon Das | Tribute to Martyrs

© Rajon Das
A tribute to our freedom fighters by District Council in Sunamganj. Architect Rajon Das planned and executed the project with tranquil inspiration. The explanatory text is in Bengali and portrays our emotion as a nation.

Residence at Shahbazpur| Ar. Rajon Das

© Rajon Das
The project situated in a contour site attempts to interpret the architectural concept of a village courtyard dwelling into the interior space of a village home for a city dweller.

Inside The Changing Room| Ar. Muhtadin Iqbal

© Muhtadin Iqbal
This is a small yet interesting project narrated in a curious manner

A Country House: A Holiday Destination for an Extended Family | FORM.3 architects

© FORM.3 architects| photo credit : Mahfuzul Hasan Rana
The cosmopolitan lifestyle has given us a lot and also, has taken away more. The families are there, but not in the true sense. People are connected to one another via phone, e-mail, social media, parties, business and institutions. The bond people used to share through their house is almost extinct. There are no strings attached. There is no way we can deny our lifestyle. But yet, we can also not deny the urge of the place to create memory – the place to be with family. The following project by FORM.3architects is designed with an intention to REINSTATE THE LOST INHERITANCE and also, to meet the philosophical and psychological need of the urban people.

Villa Sonargaon| Edifice Architects

Villa Sonargaon | © Edifice Architects
This single family residence is a triplex unit, almost square in plan. The house is a result of sophistication and luxury, creating a unique atmosphere for its residents. The client demand was to design a ‘living’ house which should adopt the qualities of the surroundings explicit beauty. So, special attention has been given to create a house integrating the vegetation and water of the surroundings. The design approach is based on a simple idea of ‘vertical gardens’. The plan integrates three gardens; these gardens vary in type, size and located at different levels. The overall design is the end product of simplistic approaches to achieve the utmost sophistication.

Residence at Dinajpur | Ar. Rubayet Tanveer Chowdhury and Ar. Jubair Hasan

Residence at Dinajpur© Rubayet T. Chowdhury,     
Jubair Hasan
This context responsive residence is located in New Town, Dinajpur with a footprint of 1745 sft in a 7.5 katha site. Evidence of climate sensitive approach is present from design features to selection of materials. The architects, as they narrate, seem to be very cautious about energy efficiency, creating scope for plantation while retaining the existing trees and using local brick with efficient details.

Deyal Kotha: A Community Lantern under Tejgaon Flyover | Avantgardes

Deyal Kotha (Wall Attic) © Avantgardes
Deyalkotha (wall attic) is a “ pilot project “ under the Tejgaon link flyover in Dhaka, Bangladesh . It has been built as a temporary education platform for the slum children living in the adjacent area. It works a multi-functional stage where the children will get to learn through playful activities and others will get social education through cultural activities such as theatrical performances .

Vacation House at Khulna | 3 points consultant

Vacation House at Khulna |© 3 points consultant
3 Points consultant was formed in March 2012. Principal Architect himself is the founder of this firm. This very young but promising firm is now evolving with various types of projects such as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospital and of course with various interior design & execution. The firm is also engaged with project construction management. Their motto is ''simple planning ......greater impact'' and they like to believe that in today‘s complex world there is nothing better than simplicity.

Answer Lies Within | Competition Entry From Bangladesh at ‘COMBODIA 2015’

Combodia 2015_Research Lab. Image Courtesy_Pankaj Nath
The Competition arranged by ELEVEN MEGAZINE was concerning Cambodia´s Tonle Sap Lake: a unique UNESCO wildlife biosphere home to over 1.2 million people living in floating villages. Today the area is under severe threat from growing pollution and disease epidemics. The inhabitant people are unaware of their acts and responsibilities, and the lack of their consciousness is gradually leading their home extinction in a very tragic way. It was an open international competition for students, architects, thinkers and designers from any field, aiming to offer a feasible solution to help the ecosystem of Tonle Sap lake survive and flourish.

Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA

Peda Ting Ting Gallery Cafe by Studio MRITTIKA
Peda Ting Ting aims to transpose an idea of alteration on the onset of growing “restaurant culture” of our generation where space and surrounding dominantly articulate how we engage ourselves with the urban recreational space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.


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